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This is just a simplistic look at the planet. I didn't do an orbital view since it seems pretty pointless. There's always A LOT of ships in and out because of the invasion zone. Of course, no one ever goes to the planet Defera. Here's a quick explanation why.

The Cryo Tribble

For starters, we used to craft tribbles. They were like a reward for a new episode. We would get a new food item, and the tribble would eat it and reproduce with the new special tribble. We called it tribble breeding.

One of the Breen episodes has the Snow Tubers as a reward. When fed to a tribble, it reproduced into a Cryo Tribble. Keep in mind this was also back when tribbles actually made a difference in ground combat. There is a buff from using them, but it isn't as significant as fleet and rep gear. I guess it makes sense that the mission-based significance here is played down. It just seems to me that tribble breeding has been largely ignored since LOR was released. But that's another post.

Now on Defera, there is a random single Ferengi.

He introduces himself as Assistant Manager Vux, and he speaks of selling Snow Tubers.

And indeed, he does.

The Landscape

The landscape of Defera can be put to MUCH better use. Below are just the things that came off of the top of my head.

This archway has such a romantic quality to it. I'm thinking it would be fun to have a Shakespearean star crossed love story here. The Deferi have been left largely undeveloped (and there's no sign of them in the wiki), so the door is open for a love story of some sort. I'm not thinking about a double suicide type tragedy, here. I think a love gone wrong deal where both parties lose something would add some mystique to this planet.

This isn't really a cave entrance, but it should be converted into one. I'm thinking along the lines of the ones in the Risa Event Zone. Those caves are fun to explore even though there isn't much to find inside them. If these caves were designed similar to those (with accolades and titles added), it would give us something more to do here.

Naturally, none of the doors open here. There are NO interiors anywhere on Defera (excluding the invasion zone). Much like Vulcan, it should be there but isn't.

This switchback looks like it was taken from the invasion zone, or vice versa. That makes sense, as it's the same planet. The problem is that it doesn't lead to anything. It's the only one on the map, and it looks kinda cool, but it holds no significance.

These are the woods. How many survey/scan plants/look for artifacts missions could potentially be put here? It's so obvious it makes my head hurt. Hell, they could hold an annual Easter Egg Hunt here. The landscape is full of hiding place for all sorts of findable objects.

Wandering, Mindless, Useless NPCs

The single most notable feature of Defera is the sheer number of NPCs that are coming and going both from nowhere. There are always a lot of them, but there and no homes or stores in sight. There is a much larger city within walking distance, but none of them seem to be going there. They're just meandering like zombies. None can be be interacted with and following them leads one either in circles or, literally, nowhere in particular. It only gets exiting when they stop to randomly scan stuff for no apparent reason.

Other thoughts

These small craft look *a lot* like land speeders (*no, I'm not going to put in a link here*). It would be nice to have an animation of a land speeder going somewhere. There are animated shuttles coming and going at Starfleet Academy. I'd like to see something similar here. Even better would be the ability to ride them, whether in a certain path or independently. I realize that would require reworking the map where the path goes. AND the would have to be something important to go to. At present, Defera really isn't a significant map.

Keep in mind this and a similar map are used for the Breen episode missions. It isn't wasted quite as some others are. It simply isn't being used as effectively as it could be.

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